TIP #5: Find your Talent & Passion

I decided to use this as my first Tip, because it is SO essential for you and your life. If you don’t know what you’re good in, how are you supposed to succeed in what you do and what you do in life? You might say: “Oh no. How am I supposed to know!?” Trust me… I was and still am that same way. I am one of those persons that are kind of good in a LOT of things but not specifically good in ONE thing.

Just take me for an example. I am good in Art (e.i painting & collaging), Music (I play several instruments), I love traveling, I LOVE writing etc…. These are things I am good in & enjoy; but does that mean I have a talent for it?


Finding your talent is very hard… unless you’re already a Profi in something or you had a certain tendency your whole life. But let me just reach out to those that have NO idea. ‘Cause believe me! I was in your shoes! And I know how hard it is…

So, when your talent seems so far to reach, so hard to grasp and it feels like it lays on the ocean floor, slowly withering away, that my friends, is when you look for your Passion.

Everyone has a passion. Yes, EVERYONE. Are you good in painting, but have a passion for photography? Are you good in sports but have a passion for acting? Or are you good in mathmatics but have a passion for history?

Do you crave creating vivid scenes through Acrylics or Charcoal? Or do you rather crave the feeling of winning a marathon after weeks of training.

We all have something we love and feel entirely, completely fulfilled with… And this, in other words, is called passion. Passion is when you do something and never have a feeling of failure or doubt, no matter how “sticky” the situation gets, because you have that re-assurance that nothing can get in your way to reach your goal.

So, take a moment right now. Push every thought to the side.

What do you LOVE? What can you not or will not live without?

A little something from my life: I am good in writing but have a passion for acting. I am good in Art but have a passion for photography. SO, I sat down one evening and had a little “introspection”. But it didn’t only take me that one evening… It took me a months-worth of evenings, until I found a compromise. I’ll combine acting, writing and photography and study Film. My previous goal was Journalism but I did not have PASSION for it, only the TALENT.

Still don’t really get it?

Well, my Tip for you, you clueless-but-desperate students, is to open your ears.

Open your ears to people around you and their “outsider-looking-in” abilities but also open your ears to your heart.

‘Cause when you listen to your heart, you can never go wrong!

So, that’s it for Tip#5… Stay tuned for the Countdown to No. 1!!!

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